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Megan Rain lifting up her shirt

Megan Rain lifting up her shirt

Roxy Raye shows her big boobs

Don’t forge to check out Roxy’s twitter profile !

Roxy Raye shows her big boobs (1) Roxy Raye shows her big boobs (2)

How to spot MLM marketers in a MILF hookup site

Luna Star topless

The most disgusting thing about MLM marketers is that you can find them all over the Internet. You don’t have to hang out in Internet marketing forums to run across these scumbags. In fact, you can join websites that seem to be totally unrelated like a MILF hookup website and still run into these pieces of shit. If you’re sick and tired of these shitbags trying to scam you, well, don’t think that you have found a place of refuge when you join a MILF hookup website. As I’ve said earlier, they are like cockroaches infesting the internet. They are all over the place and you really need to have your antennas up, otherwise, it’s very easy to waste time trying to date this type of person. You might think that that hot, older blonde is interested in you but it turns out that this person is actually an MLM marketer trying to scam you out of your hard-earned dollars. Pay attention to the following factors so you don’t get taken. If you notice these patterns, stop talking to those women and keep looking.

They just want to talk to you

If you’ve come across a profile and you start messaging that person and they just keep talking with you over and over even though they don’t want to set up a date, chances are you’re dealing with somebody with a hidden agenda. Chances are you might be dealing with a MLM scammer. This is a key sign. They just want to keep talking and talking and talking. What they really want to do is to wear you down so you can get so desperate and sign up for their scam.

They want meet in a very public place

I’ve always advised that if you’re going to go out on a hookup date, you need to be in a public place. That’s non-negotiable. Scammers only want to meet in a very, very public place. In other words, they want to begin and end the ‘date’ in a very public place like McDonald’s. The reason they want to do this is because they don’t want to go on a date at all. They just want your attention so they can feed you their garbage to sell you on their scam.

Aletta Ocean topless showing her big funbags

Aletta Ocean topless showing her big funbags

Kianna Dior seatbelt between tits

Kianna Dior seatbelt

Mercedes Carrera in pink lingerie

Mercedes Carrera in pink lingerie

Busty Sensual Jane shows her tits

Sensual Jane is a gorgeous busta 32 year old milf Pornstar with an curvy and a lovely set of big hangers. You can find more selfies of this busty babe on her twitter or instagram page, don’t forget to follow this naturally busty Pornstar !

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How to Dress Up When You Pick Up a Milf

Milf Ava Addams cleavage

If you’re going to go out and pick up a MILF you’ve met on a MILF dating site, it’s a good idea not to dress like a slob. You have to remember that the whole point of going out on a MILF date is not just to bang a hot older woman. It goes beyond that. It’s all about getting invited back to the party.

What’s the point of putting in all the time, effort, and energy to go on a MILF date, picking her up, and all of a sudden, have your dating pipeline dry up? I don’t want you to end up in that situation. This is why I’m giving you the advice below. Learn how to dress up befor a you pick her up and her date the right way.

Let the Setting Dictate Your Dress Code

If your date tells you that you’re going to go to a certain place, pay attention to that decision. Pay attention to the kind of clothes that people who go to those locations normally wear. Let the setting dictate your dress code and you would go a long way in making sure that your attire is appropriate.

Keep It Casual For Quick Hookups

With the advice above said, if the whole idea behind your MILF date is basically just for a quick in and out, I am of course talking about quick hookups, then keep it casual. By keeping it casual, you would ensure that it’s very easy for you to get dressed and undressed. It’s also easier on her. There’s less pressure on both of you, and both of you can enjoy the experience more fully.

Don’t Be a Slob If She Wants Something Fancier

The best approach would be to simply listen to her. Pay attention to the signals she’s sending out and cater to her. You have to remember that to truly give a woman the kind of experience that she’s looking for, you need to make the experience all about her. Make the whole thing centered about her and her needs.

Pay close attention to the signals she’s sending out. Maybe she’s telling you something over the phone. Maybe she has some sort of subtext in the emails she’s sending you. Whatever it is, have your antennas up and pick up on this. This way, you won’t end up looking like a slob. You have to remember that you want to get invited back to the party.

Luna Star in a slutty nurse outfit

Luna Star in a slutty nurse outfit

Alina Li facialized

Alina Li facialized

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