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Three lessons you can learn from a classical era MILF finder

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In classical philosophy and political history, there was a guy named Tacitus. He was a Roman philosopher and he wrote a lot of stuff that really impacted political science and history, but when it comes to getting pussy, Tacitus can actually teach younger studs in this day and age a thing or two. Here are just some of his tips. If you are serious about becoming a true blue MILF finder, you only need to learn from this classical MILF finder from ancient Rome to take your game to the next level.

Get loose with alcohol

One of Tacitus’ tips is to basically get your date tipsy. Now, you got to be careful. There’s a big difference between getting somebody tipsy and getting them drunk. Know that difference. The reason he is advocating both of you getting tipsy is because it loosens inhibitions. Most people know this.

Take care of the basics

Tacitus also said that if you’re going to bang somebody make sure that you have the right hygiene and you bring a lot of energy. In other words, don’t go in there all tired from a long day and looking like a bum. That’s not going to cut it. You need to be at the top of your game. Don’t talk like other guys. This is where Tacitus really shines. He’s saying that sexual competition is just like any other kind of competition. You need to look very different from the rest of the people you are competing with. This means that you really need to talk a different way. You have to look at the woman straight in the eye and talk to her in a way that she isn’t normally talked to. Of course, this takes a lot of experimentation. It’s not going to happen overnight. The good news is the more you try, the easier it gets, now try http://milfpickup.net and go at it!

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Alyssa Gadson in Slutty Stockings Selfshot

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